Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Birthday Mylo!!!

It's my main man Mylo's birthday today, he's 1 and he's very sophisticated, he can crawl really fast and I've got loads of standing tips from him.

There Must Be A Law Against This!

What is it with the parents that they feel they can just keep putting stuff on my head and face? It's tantamount to assault I tell you! Who do I report this sort of thing to? It's outrageous and I won't stand for it.

They've even caught me as I'm coming out of a notorious baby club.

No Paparazzi please!

To Crawl Is To Conquer To Stand Is To Triumph!

So it's been a week of crawling around, trying to get my speed up, as sadly the cat's still much quicker than me and an agile little bugger to boot.

So I've been practising my standing and today I stood for a whole 2 seconds unaided! It would have been longer but daddy had a sudden outburst and shouted to mummy which startled me and I fell over; silly sausage!

Anyway here's me in some aided standing efforts.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Breakthrough!!

I've done it! I've managed to crawl forwards, basically what I've found is, if there's something in front of me I REALLY want, like mummy's iphone, then like magic I just sort of start moving forwards. Marvelous!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Crawling's over rated

The annoying thing about crawling is I seem to go in the opposite direction I originally intend. You can imagine that's pretty damn frustrating, especially when I'm trying to get to the cat.

I've noticed from the parents, that seem to get around using their feet, maybe I'll try this instead, because quite frankly I can't see the point of crawling backwards; you can't see where you're going for one thing and it's completely impractical for grabbing things.