Friday, 21 October 2011

One Year On!

It was my birthday today! One year on the planet and it's been a mad ride, I've gone from not being able to move much to learning to sit up and eventually crawl.

I got over my early obsession with nappies and have forged a real friendship with Boots my cat, when he stays still that is.

Finding my feet wasn't easy, but when I did, boy, what fun I had and am still having with those and when daddy tickles them it get's me laughing so much!

Anyway here are a couple of piccies from today.

Hi Aunty B!

Enjoying my birthday breakfast

Friday, 23 September 2011

What are you hanging over?

Last Sunday daddy had something called a hangover whatever that is, I couldn't see it he just kept saying 'not so loud baby, daddy's got a hangover this morning'.

So anyway I thought it would be a good time to try out my new ear piercing scream, I was really quite proud of it, daddy said it reminded him of an African grey parrot he knew once, he didn't look as pleased as I was though.

I love being loud!
Just indulging in a bit of free standing

Friday, 9 September 2011

Out Of Reach

Why is it, that when you work really hard to reach up and get something, it get's whipped away from you? It's really, really annoying.

Mmm I wonder what's up here?

If I could just....

My phone now!

Then daddy take's it away from me grrr!

Tooth Picture Exclusive

Here is a world exclusive picture of my first tooth, you can see them at the lower front, middle; it may not look much but it's through and it works.

I'm crying because daddy wouldn.t let me grab the camera.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Tooth Hurts

At one point I wondered whether I'd ever get teeth, but at last after just over 10 months I finally have my first tooth, it's a little one at the bottom and front of my mouth. It's great I've already used it to nibble on mummy's arm and daddy's thumb, daddy was happy but looked a bit sad, he said I would no longer be his little gummy bear; oh well time move's on.

As you can see I'm delighted.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Crime & Punishment

As punishment for waking my dad up at 6:00 on this lovely Sunday morning, he decided to take a picture of me midway through my morning poo.

Dad say's that he'll use these pics to embarass me in front of future boyfriends; whatever that means. Anyway as you can see by the one below, I'd just about had enough by that point.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Me & My Blog

It's hard work keeping the world up to date via my Confessions Blog and so you appreciate just how hard, here are a couple of pictures of me hard at work.

Here's Tilly!

My dad say's this reminds him of a famous film scene.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Busy week

Wow! What a busy week I've had, on Sunday I was at a 4th birthday, a girl called Lola, who's my daddy's friend Aunty Jemima's daughter.

I had a bit of a funny turn, I saw some boobs and I don't know what came over me, I just fancied a bit of gold top I guess.

Monday morning I took my first unaided step! I was holding onto the sofa and I just let go and took a step, but then I felt a bit disorientated, so I held onto the sofa again.

As a method of transport, it seem's a bit cumbersome, I think I prefer crawling and the pram better.

Then on Monday afternoon I was at another 4th birthday party  and the rest of the week I've been toing and throwing all over the place.

Anyway I'm pooped, catch you later.

Morning snaps

Apparently my daddy think's it's funny to take pictures of me when I've just woken up. Well I can tell you categorically daddy, it's not! And if you ever show any future boyfriends these pictures, well, let's just say there'll be trouble!

This is me after my post-breakfast (the clue's in, or rather on the baby grow) nap.

Zaine's birthday

My friend Zaine was 4 years old last Monday and I went to his birthday at the water park, I don't really count being sprayed with funny smelling, freezing cold water, but apparently it's the thing to do.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thoughts and Philosophies

 I'm 9 and a half months old now and I've been outside for as long as I was inside, so I thought that it was a good point at which to reflect and ponder some of the deeper questions in life.

If everything in this world has been put there for me (and it clearly has) then why are some things out of my reach?

Why have I been born into a set of people who can't communicate with another set?

How come some of the small people can make themselves understood to the big people and when I try it just comes out as; aarrraaghggghh! or bubbubububb?

Why won't the cat play with me?

What was I doing before I was born and why can't I remember?

Sometimes I get the difference between really small and far away, but it still catches me out sometimes, like the other day when I tried to grab something in the sky. How do you tell the difference, what are the rules?

Why haven't I got any teeth?

Will I ever be able to walk?

How do you get to be one of the big people?

Why is shouting at the top of my lungs so much fun?

Am I the only one who can make the world dissappear by simply closing my eyes?

In fact does anyone outside of my house exist when I'm not there?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My mate Zane

Interesting new development to report, I have a mate Zane and not only can he walk, run and jump! But the adults actually appear to understand what he's saying, incredible!

So I have to wonder, will I ever get to that stage? I mean, as you can tell by reading this blog, I have a full and fluent vocabulary, however the parents don't seem to understand me all the time and when I go to say something like; 'bring the cat over here'. It just come's out as aaarrrggghh!! Which make's the cat run away.

Monday, 1 August 2011

This week...

This week I shall mostly be saying ooooohhh

Thursday, 28 July 2011

My daddy's trying to turn me into a pop star!

My daddy made this video of me between the ages of 3 and 6 months and he's finally got it together to put it on the web, so embarrassing! I guess that's his job though.

If you want my daddy to make you a video like this or any other, contact him through his website

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Birthday Mylo!!!

It's my main man Mylo's birthday today, he's 1 and he's very sophisticated, he can crawl really fast and I've got loads of standing tips from him.

There Must Be A Law Against This!

What is it with the parents that they feel they can just keep putting stuff on my head and face? It's tantamount to assault I tell you! Who do I report this sort of thing to? It's outrageous and I won't stand for it.

They've even caught me as I'm coming out of a notorious baby club.

No Paparazzi please!

To Crawl Is To Conquer To Stand Is To Triumph!

So it's been a week of crawling around, trying to get my speed up, as sadly the cat's still much quicker than me and an agile little bugger to boot.

So I've been practising my standing and today I stood for a whole 2 seconds unaided! It would have been longer but daddy had a sudden outburst and shouted to mummy which startled me and I fell over; silly sausage!

Anyway here's me in some aided standing efforts.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Breakthrough!!

I've done it! I've managed to crawl forwards, basically what I've found is, if there's something in front of me I REALLY want, like mummy's iphone, then like magic I just sort of start moving forwards. Marvelous!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Crawling's over rated

The annoying thing about crawling is I seem to go in the opposite direction I originally intend. You can imagine that's pretty damn frustrating, especially when I'm trying to get to the cat.

I've noticed from the parents, that seem to get around using their feet, maybe I'll try this instead, because quite frankly I can't see the point of crawling backwards; you can't see where you're going for one thing and it's completely impractical for grabbing things.