Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thoughts and Philosophies

 I'm 9 and a half months old now and I've been outside for as long as I was inside, so I thought that it was a good point at which to reflect and ponder some of the deeper questions in life.

If everything in this world has been put there for me (and it clearly has) then why are some things out of my reach?

Why have I been born into a set of people who can't communicate with another set?

How come some of the small people can make themselves understood to the big people and when I try it just comes out as; aarrraaghggghh! or bubbubububb?

Why won't the cat play with me?

What was I doing before I was born and why can't I remember?

Sometimes I get the difference between really small and far away, but it still catches me out sometimes, like the other day when I tried to grab something in the sky. How do you tell the difference, what are the rules?

Why haven't I got any teeth?

Will I ever be able to walk?

How do you get to be one of the big people?

Why is shouting at the top of my lungs so much fun?

Am I the only one who can make the world dissappear by simply closing my eyes?

In fact does anyone outside of my house exist when I'm not there?

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