Monday, 1 November 2010

A Question Of Will

Day 10 31/10/10

8.06 am - I've just done one of the best poos of my life! It was incredible, I was feeding on my favourite boob (the left one) and I swear this poo probably took 30 seconds to fully emerge, fantastic!

8.15 am - I'm so ticked off and I've let everyone know about it, after saying things like well done and what a clever girl I was, daddy took my nappy off and replaced it with a clean one; WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING THAT!?

8.17 am - Thank heavens, I've managed to do another poo, mummy tried to placate me by giving me more of my fave boob, it definitely helped and I'm happy again.

8.20 - I can't believe maddy (that's what I call mummy and daddy) they've taken my pooey nappy again! What's wrong with these people, it's my poo and I should get to keep it, just because they're bigger than me they think they can boss me around.

8.25 - Just done my 3rd poo, hopefully maddy will leave this one alone, I think they will, just saw a tear in daddy's eye as he said to mummy 'maybe we should leave this one for a while'; yeah right, try leaving it all together, or at least till I'm ready for a refill.

 I'm off to sleep now, hopefully my nappy will still be full when I wake up.

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