Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Who On Earth Need's Baths?

Just when I was getting to like maddy (mummy and daddy), they go and destroy almost all confidence I have in them. Earlier today, they for some unfathomable reason, placed me in water and proceeded to rub some kind of lotion over me! They called it bath time, what's a bath and who on earth need's one?!

In my opinion, anyone who has one of these things on purpose is stark raving mad, anyway back to this afternoon; no matter how loud I screamed they just kept on with it, saying silly little things like, 'it's OK buba, you need a bath, it's fine.'

Need a bath!? Why would you need a bath? Why would you want to do something like that to your child? Anyway, on the plus side I don't think the cat's plotting against me anymore; something I was sure of a couple of days ago; when maddy started gushing over it and going on about how 'cute' he was being.

Cute! I'm the only cute one in the house, the cat better move aside, anyway he seemed to be on my side today, as when I was screaming whilst my awful parents half-drowned me, the cat came into the torture/bathroom and started whining along with me.

I think I'm going to like this cat after all. Right I'm off to quite litteraly drink myself into a milk induced stupor. Here's a pic of me just after my ordeal, as you can see I'm clearly traumatised.

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